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Greetings. I am a visual web app developer based in Ontario1, by way of New Zealand2 and originally from Russia3. Just finished my time at
  Hamilton Public Library where I was helping with branding.

Services offered

Accessibility audit & optimization


Branding & Strategy

Custom Code/Scripting

Data and Analytics

Digital Marketing & Advertising

E-commerce Development

Graphic Design


Web Design (UI/UX)

Web Development

3D Design


3rd Party Integrations

My expertise

With over three years of industry experience, I have collaborated with small businesses, individuals, and government organizations from concept to final deliverables.

Our studio primarily uses Webflow and implements Finsweet for industry-standard accessibility solutions, ensuring inclusive and accessible websites.


01/2022 — 04/2024

Graphic design advanced 3 year program

Gained hands-on experience in various aspects of graphic design, including print, branding, web design, through a comprehensive 3-year advanced program.

05/2023 - 09/2023

Flooring Business

I have designed an e-commerce website for a flooring Business.

01/2024 - 04/2024

Government-funded public organization

I was in charge of creating brand identities for the library events in various mediums from print materials to web and social media.

01/2024 - 04/2024

Tattoo studio

I have designed and developed a website for a tattoo studio based in Vladivostok, Russia.

04/2024 - 05/2024

Africa Power Supply

I have designed and developed a website for a Canadian startup that strives to revolutionize African waste-to-energy systems.




After the changes are complete, I  transfer the website to your webflow account, giving you full ownership.
Next, you and your team will be trained on editing the contents of the website.


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You submit changes in the following 5 business days.


Weekly call

We regroup once per week to present my progress and get your feedback


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After defining your needs, I give you a timeline & budget estimate while still on the call.
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