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New website for BeautyFloor, a flooring business that aims to solve the struggle of picking the right flooring materials.

We initially faced challenges with our website's design and were unhappy with its look. We contacted Alexander for a redesign, and he exceeded our expectations. As the lead designer, he led the project with a developer he helped us to find, ensuring our vision was realized. Alexander's attention to detail and prompt adjustments were commendable, resulting in a functional and aesthetically pleasing website. Highly recommended.

Portrait of Roman Galavura, owner of BeautyFloor

Roman Galavura

Owner of BeautyFloor

👤 Enhanced e-commerce user experience

🛒 Cart design optimized to maximize selling metrics and business performance.

Website design and development for InkSoul, a Tattoo studio with a grounded, personalized approach, specializing in graphical and ornamental styles

          Alexander worked with me to create a portfolio website, on which he introduced me as a tattoo master and a teacher of a tattoo training course. For my part in this project I gave him full creative freedom.
          In our interaction I liked his attentiveness to my requests, detailed analysis of my activity and his desire to find unusual and yet functional design solutions , suitable for the specifics of my work. In addition to design, Alexander was also engaged in website layout, so at the end of our work I received a ready to promote on the Internet business card site with an unusual visual solution, and the necessary functionality.

Portrait of Diana Egorova, owner of InkSoul tattoo studio

Diana Egorova

Owner of InkSoul

Website design and development for Africa Power Supply, a fresh Canadian startup planning to revolutionize the African clean energy industry

Website design and development for a dentist clinic 32KARATA